All information received by Sullivan Preschool pertaining to the admission, health, or discharge of an individual child shall be confidential and limited to facility staff designated by the Director and the Department of Children and Family Services unless the parent(s) of the child has granted written permission by signing a confidentiality release form, or in an extreme case of emergency, or evidence of child abuse or neglect. The only exceptions to this are that the children’s names will be released to classmates for Valentine Party purposes and class lists are occasionally posted for convenience of sign-up purposes. Please notify us if you prefer that your child’s name not be released for these purposes.

Outdoor Play

As part of our philosophy of the preschool experience, we believe that the children should spend some time playing outdoors every day. Please remember this when dressing your child for school in the winter. Your child should be provided with warm clothing, boots, mittens, etc. as necessary. Children should wear clothing appropriate for active play. All belongings should be labeled with the child’s name.

The children will not be taken outdoors during storms or other severe inclement weather. On cold days, the children will be outdoors no longer than 10-15 minutes. The staff will check each child to be sure that all are appropriately dressed with hats, mittens and boots; that hoods are tied, jackets buttoned or zipped, etc. If a child’s clothing becomes wet in the snow, dry clothing will be provided. If mittens, boots, etc. become wet, they will be dried before a second wearing. We hope that these precautions will allow the children to enjoy the outdoors while protecting them from chill.

Likewise, on days of extreme heat, the children will be outdoors no longer than 10-15 minutes at a time. Water will be readily available to the children.

For your child’s protection, we will not allow him or her to remain in a room unattended. Because of the prohibitive cost of providing supervision for one child and to maintain our program within our philosophy, all children will participate with their group. We are unable to honor parental requests that a child not play outdoors. We will make every effort to honor requests from the child’s physician pertaining to his care and participation. Such requests must be in writing from the physician and must state the reason for the deviation and the specific time the deviation is required.


Parents of children enrolled in Sullivan Preschool are encouraged to visit the center at any time, to observe and participate in their children’s experiences. No appointment is necessary for parents.

Visitors other than parents must make prior arrangements with the Director before visiting the classes.