Tuition and Contract Terms

Tuition is payable weekly. Tuition will not be charged for the legal holidays when the center is closed.

Parents will be required to sign a contract for the payment of tuition. The child’s days of attendance and tuition amount will be specified on the contract. The minimum length of time a child may be enrolled is 2 weeks. The center does not accept children on a “drop in” basis.

The contract will guarantee the child’s space in the program. In return for this guaranteed space, the contracted tuition will be charged each week, whether or not the child attends. Absences due to illness, personal vacation days, snow days, etc. will not be credited or made up. This contract remains in effect until the parent gives 2 weeks’ advance notice of termination or change in contract.

A child may be in attendance for a maximum of 10 hours per day. After 10 hours, an additional hourly fee will be charged in accordance with the current fee schedule.

Sullivan Preschool will close promptly at 6:00 p.m. All children must be called for by that time. An additional fee of $15.00 for every 15 minutes, or portion thereof, will be charged to the parents of children remaining after 6:00 p.m. The office clock is used to determine late fee charges.

Tuition payments may be made by cash, credit card, or check. When payment is made in cash, it is the parent’s responsibility to request a cash receipt from the person accepting the payment. Credit card payment may be made at the center or by telephone (217-728-7511). Checks should be made payable to “Sullivan Preschool” and may be paid at the center or mailed to

Sullivan Preschool
10 Hawthorne Lane
Sullivan, Illinois 61951

There will be a fee of $25.00 for checks returned to us by the bank for any reason.

Accounts which become 30 days overdue will be assessed a finance charge of 2% per month with a minimum charge of $5.00. The parent will be responsible for any costs of collection of past due accounts and any attorney fees if applicable. Delinquency of tuition payments may be a cause for the center Director to ask that the child be withdrawn from the school. Extenuating circumstances may be discussed with the center Director.

Tuition Assistance

Sullivan Preschool participates in a federally funded child care subsidy program provided through the Department of Human Services. These funds are available to eligible families to help pay the costs of child care. Through this subsidy program, eligible families have a portion of their child care expense billed to DHS with the remainder paid by the parent as a co-payment. This is a means of greatly reducing child care fees charged to eligible families.

To be eligible for this subsidy, parents must be working. Parents who are attending school and also working 10 hours per week may also be eligible. Parents attending a vocational training program may be eligible without the work provision. The total gross family income must be within the approved guidelines.

Inquire at the office or call (217) 728-7511 for information regarding the current income guidelines for eligibility for child care subsidy. If your total gross family income falls within the current guidelines please request an application for subsidy. On the application, you will be asked to provide verification of all family income and verification of enrollment in school if applicable. The amount of your parent co-payment will be based on your family income.

Parents may apply for a government-funded child care subsidy at the time of registration or at any time during the year that the parent believes he/she is eligible and requests this information.