Infant Program

infant room

infant room

Infants who are between 6 weeks and 14 months old will be accepted any time during the year provided space is available. Only full-time, 5-days/week, spaces are available for infants.

The parent of an infant will fill out admission forms required of all other children. In addition, the Infant Enrollment form, which gives specific instructions for the care of the infant, will be completed.

Sullivan Preschool provides iron fortified infant formula and baby food for infants. These will be offered to infants according to the guidelines of the ISBE Child Care Food Program. Parents may choose to provide formula/breast milk and baby food brought from home. Parents will fill out the Child Care Food Program for Infants form to indicate their choice of options for providing formula and baby food for their child.

The parent must provide bottles for the child’s use. Bottles should be labeled with the baby’s name. Used bottles will be rinsed out and sent home for thorough cleaning. Parents providing baby food brought from home should label the jars with the child’s name. Parents must provide diapers, diaper wipes, extra clothing, and all other supplies necessary for the care of the infant, as indicated on the Infant Supply List. You will be notified when supplies need to be replenished. Please replenish supplies promptly when notified. If it becomes necessary to use school diapers, a charge of $.50 per diaper will apply. The school diapers that are used may be replaced in lieu of paying the fee. As the infant is ready to consume table food, it will be provided by the center after consultation with the parent.

The parent will be provided with a daily log giving specific information regarding feeding times, amounts consumed, elimination, and the general daily care of the infant.

The developmental goals of the infant program are in the areas of large and small motor development, sensory learning, language development, cognitive development and self concept. Our goal is to provide a warm, loving, home-like atmosphere, with consistency between home and center care practices. Communication between parents and staff will be of essential importance so that the particular needs of each individual child can be met.